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What is a Flock?

We lovingly refer to any group of women participating in events, our flight club, or our bi-annual migrations as 'flocks'.

What is a Migration?

We host bi-annual Migrations (just like birds IRL) - during the Spring and Fall. The Migration is a 6-week journey for women seeking the space to go deeper, to honor their curiosities, to unleash their potential and find their flock. The program includes a series of explorations of innate skills + wisdom as well as rituals and practices honoring the cyclical nature of human life.  Throughout the Migration, Flocks of women will be invited to try on + witness + integrate new ideas and habits.  As a member of this Flock, you will fly with others, like you, who are committed to living a fully expresssed life.

How do I become part of a Migration?

We are about to take Flight with our Harvest Migration! We will have two offerings to fly - Tuesday evenings and Thursday mid-afternoon. You can schedule a Bird Call here. We take flight on October 11!

What are the expectations of being part of a Migration?

We expect all of the Birds to be committed; be curious about themselves and others; embrace the content provided; hold space for one another that is free of ego + judgment ...and be cool. Don't fall out of formation and miss an event!  

What makes participating in Hey Birdie’s Migration a “flock yes!” and not a “maybe later”?

We value your time, and ours, this is not going to be another workshop | retreat | meeting where you leave wondering “what just happened?” or “this was great, but how do I apply it to my life?” 


During the weeks between our guided experts’ presentations, we will gather as a Flock to discuss the content, explore additional resources, and share opportunities to integrate the practices into our lives.

I wanna fly.  What's next? 

Are you a toe dipper or a leaper? You can explore our IG page, schedule a Bird Call to chirp it out, or you can secure your spot in the nest here. 

Still, have some questions? Schedule a 15 minute Bird Call with us!


Hey Birdie is committed to curating guided opportunities for women to courageously explore + unfold + soar, together.

Join us as we make mistakes, laugh, curse, and take action, together.

Hmmm. Sounds pretty but what does that mean? 

We listen to ourselves and the women around us to feel into what we are all seeking...and then we fly with it. Sometimes this looks like a series of partnerships focused on pleasure and sometimes it is putting everyone on a paddleboard and letting the water support what we are carrying.


Regardless of what the experience is, our intention is to hold space for women to feel seen, supported and a part of a community.

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