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Migration Overview

A Migration is an 8-week immersive experience for women seeking curated opportunities to courageously explore + unfold + soar. 


The Hey Birdie Migration is for you if you are….

  • Feeling disconnected from your innate self + intuition

  • Seeking a supportive community, tribe, circle

  • Sensing that you want a deeper connection with your body, sensuality, sexuality

  • Suppressing your emotions to keep “it all together”

  • Sensing that you need to connect with nature, natural cycles, and all living things

  • Fearing the ever-changing nature of life and the future

  • Craving authentic connection


Learn more here.

Registration will open on March 16, 2022!


As part of the Migration, we will gather groups of like-minded women that we lovingly refer to as “Flocks”. These Flocks of 8-12 women will experience a safe space to explore + witness + integrate new ideas and practices that they will learn throughout their Migration experience.  As a Flock member, it is also a place where you will fly with others, like you, who are deeply curious and devoted to their own personal evolution. 


We have assembled a team of female experts to distill the content of a whole-person transformation - alchemizing the body + heart + mind to remember and witness their true nature. Meet our Migration Guides!


How is the Migration different?

These guided group experiences will guide you to identify and create personal practices, cultivate deeper awareness, and invite you to embrace your deepest expression and fulfill a truly meaningful life.  


This will not be another workshop | retreat | meeting where you leave wondering “what just happened?” or “this was great, but how do I apply it to my life?”  During the weeks between our guided experts’ presentations, we will gather as a Flock to discuss the content, explore additional resources, and share opportunities to integrate the practices into our lives. Your facilitators (Heather Bahlmann and Jess Lindsley) will create and hold the space to uniquely experience the coming together as Flock through authentic connection. 


Our intention with the completion of your first Migration is to close and continue with a deep sense of self; respect for your unique human design; and a newfound connection and love for your body + spirit + higher self. The Birdie bonus is knowing this is not a solo flight. You are now part of the V-Formation. 

When Do We Take Flight?

We will launch two Flights on April 6th + April 7th - Wednesday afternoons (1 pm - 2:45 pm) and Thursday evenings from (6 pm - 8 pm). Both Flights will meet in the Highlands area.


The Birdie Bonus:

  • ​​Connection, as a Flock member, where you will fly with others, like you, who are deeply curious and devoted to their own personal evolution. 

  • A spot within the V-Formation of the Flock that will embrace you wherever you are in your personal flight.

  • Three local expert-led Flights 

  • Practices + Resources to integrate the content into your life

  • Hey Birdie Nesting Gift

  • Discounts with Hey Birdie partners

  • Early Access to other Hey Birdie Flights

How Do I Become Part of a Flock?

We would love to schedule a Bird Call with you to share more details about the Migration. During the call we will discuss the best Flight option for you and answer any remaining questions. Please complete this short introduction form prior to the call. 

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