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What is the first rule of Flight Club?

No solo flights.  Spread the word, bird.

What is Flight Club?

Hey Birdie's Flight Clubs consist of groups of women (Flocks) that meet monthly to experience uniquely curated gatherings.  The ultimate objective of flying in formation with your flock is to invite yourself + each other to intentionally hold space consistently to honor your curiosities, unleash your fullest potential and lean into one another with joy + compassion.  

We host both open + closed flocks.   Our open flocks are birds paired by us based on a common intention, location, etc. We connect you with other like-minded birds that have been seeking a new community to fly with.  Closed flocks gather their own birds + we curate their flights.

How often is Flight Club?

Flight Club gathers once a month for 12 months. The dates + times are set before the flight launches. Each flight is unique to each flock.  We keep you in suspense and send details of what to expect and where to fly 36 hours before the scheduled gathering. 

Are there any Birdie Perks? 

Hoot! Hoot!  You know it.  

  • Nesting gifts

  • Monthly curated experiences

  • Integration exercises to support monthly experiences

  • Rotating Hey Birdie preferred bird discounts with local partners + vendors

  • Monthly Nonlinear Movement Method Virtual class

  • Full moon rituals

  • Exclusive Flight Club member discounts to Hey Birdie Hosted Solstice + Equinox celebrations

  • In the event that you have to miss a monthly flight connection, we will provide an intentional, personal practice relevant to the monthly experience

What are the expectations of being part of a Flock?

We expect all Birds to:

  • Stay committed 

  • Explore your curiosity about yourself and others 

  • Embrace the content + experience

  • Hold space for one another that is free of ego + judgment

  • Be cool

  • Don't fall out of formation and miss an event!  

How do I become part of Flock?

There are two options:

1. Submit your interest + intention to join an open flight by submitting this Flock-Finding form.  

2.  Bring your own birds and we will establish a closed flight for you. Drop us a line to get started. 

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