What is the first rule of Flight Club?

No solo flights.  Spread the word, bird.

What is Flight Club?

Hey Birdie's Flight Club consists of a closed group of women (a Flock) that meet monthly to experience uniquely curated gatherings. We host both private + public flocks.  Private flocks gather their own birds + we curate their flight. Our public flock offering will launch in early 2023. We will match you with other like-minded birds that have been seeking a new community to fly with. Stay tuned!

How often is Flight Club?

Flight Club gathers once a month for a six-month flight. The dates + times are set before the flight launches. Each flight is unique to each flock.  We keep you in suspense and send details of what to expect and where to fly 36 hours before the scheduled gathering. 

What are the expectations of being part of a Flock?

We expect all of the Birds to be committed; be curious about themselves and others; embrace the content provided; hold space for one another that is free of ego + judgment ...and be cool. Don't fall out of formation and miss an event!  

How do I become part of Flock?

There are two options:

1. Bring your own birds and we will establish a private flight for you. Drop us a line to get started. 

2. Sign-up for our public Flock scheduled to take flight in early 2023. Drop us a line to get on our waiting list now!