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Our Human Design Experience

We recently committed to investigating the concept of Human Design.

Initially, we wanted to do it together as partners in biz to see how we lined up

and if we could use this tool as a guide for us.

But, as is life, it’s important to know yourself first.

To love + accept yourself first.

We both confirmed some things we knew to be true as well as identified some new perspectives we are both leaning in to.

As Manifestors + Generators - we are bound to shake up some things!

The most enlightening part of the process for me was this truly seamless shift from self-criticism to self-acceptance.

It has been such a gift to myself.

I have always had a hard time with decisions.

And I have always given myself a hard time for it.

It turns out I am a Solar Plexus | Emotional Authority.

I N E E D time to feel through my choices.

I N E E D to honor myself and my process with commitments.

Since my assessment and some research, I have been practicing patience with myself. Giving myself some space to feel in to the energy and create a process.

I have stopped apologizing.

I don’t feel pressured to commit when I am not ready.

I have so much more confidence + conviction in my choices.

I keep imaging how this will help me in the long term in the way I show up.

Self acceptance means to embrace what makes you unique, the way you were designed.

To acknowledge those differences as advantages.

To celebrate you, the way you are. Your own unique, Human Design.

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